Dr. Mario will pay your Airfare to Costa Rica!*

All on 4 Prices/Options:

In the US, the cost for an All on 4 Permanent Denture, per bridge, averages between $22,000-$35,000 for EACH bridge. That means a complete All on 4 installed with UPPER and LOWER bridges, would cost you between $44,000-$70,000!
Dr. Mario, a graduate of the Uni. of Miami, School of Medicine, will save you a minimum of 40% plus FREE AIRFARE!*
Dr. Mario, who is a member of the American Dental Association and recommended by the US Embassy, uses only premium brand implants that including Zimmer and Nobel BioCare, both industry leaders.
Dr. Mario offers several types of All on 4, ALL with FREE AIRFARE*:

1. One Trip Titanium All on 4 completed in 10 business days!
Total cost: $23,600 plus FREE AIRFARE!*
This revolutionary dental procedure, developed by Dr. Mario, solves the timing element of osseointegration of implants and bone tissue with a surgery called Cross Arch Stabilization.   
This surgical innovation solves the osseointegration issue during the initial surgery allowing for the installation of the titanium bridges in 8-9 business days after surgery.

2. Two Trip Titanium All on 4:
Total cost: $27,600 plus FREE AIRFARE!*
This is the standard All on 4 surgical procedure that involves the initial surgery followed by a waiting period of 6 months to allow osseointegration of the implant with your bone tissue. During the 6 month osseointegration period you will wear temporary acrylic bridges. The price difference between the one trip and two trip All on 4 is the cost of the temporary acrylic bridges fabricated for the 6 month interval.

3. Two Trip Monolithic Zirconium All on 4:
Total cost: $31,600 plus FREE AIRFARE!*
The SUPREME model of the All on 4. This surgery is the standard All on 4 surgery but rather than Titanium bridges, these bridges are computer milled from a solid block of Monolithic Zirconium at Viax Laboratory here in San Jose www.viax.com
It requieres the same 6 month interval and temporary acrylic bridges.