Dr. Mario will pay your Airfare to Costa Rica!*

Dr.Marios letter to you..

Hello, my name is Dr. Mario.

For some of you this is a very emotional time. You have lost, or are losing,
your teeth. There are no more dental ‘fixes’ to prolong the inevitable. You probably have spent thousands, if not tens of thousands, with your local dentist to stave off your hopeless dental situation. That fight is over.
However, now you haveĀ  an option that will permanently restore your dental health, your self-esteem, your personal relationships, your ability to enjoy a good meal and to be able to flash a beautiful, perfectly white smile at the drop of a hat. Even better, you will be able to talk and pronounce your words effortlessly again.
That option is called the ‘All on 4’ permanent denture.
It is not like any denture you have ever heard of. This is definitely not your grandads denture! No glue, no fumbling around. It is a surgical procedure using dental implants that act as permanent anchors for a pair of computer guided milled titanium bridges. These titanium bridges are held in place PERMANENTLY by 4 dental implants in your upper bridge and 4 dental implants in your lower bridge. They never move, slip or come out. They are your teeth again!
Each bridge is set with customized porcelain or monolithic zirconium teeth that are designed specifically to fit your bite and facial structure. You can choose the level of brightness you want your teeth to be. From movie star white to the color that is natural to you.
Now. Lets address your concerns. In my experience there are usually two main questions that you want answered.
First, am I a good dentist? Will you be safe?
I am a graduate of Uni. Of Miami, School of Medicine.
I was the first licensed Implantologist in Costa Rica, 1996.
I have been in private practice over 20 years.
I am recommended by the US Embassy.
I have been vetted and approved by Blue Cross Blue Shield/SC through their international subsidiary CGD for their US clients.
I am a member of the American Dental Association, in good standing.
I follow all protocols of the ADA.
I am the dentist to the President of Costa Rica, Laura Chinchilla.
Second, how much money will I save?
Yes, you will save usually tens of thousands of dollars.
I have personally developed a new, one trip All on 4 procedure that can be TOTALLY completed, from initial surgery to installation of the titanium bridges, in 10 business days for less than $25,000!
I also provide the standard All on 4 completed in 2 trips, 6 months apart for $28,000.
They both includes free airfare.
So, this is my resume and references. I operate in a state-of-the-art, multi million dollar facility. Please review the photos offered. My entire staff is English fluent.
Just to mention.
I work with Charles Dennard who has faithfully represented me for the past 9 years with clients from the US and Canada. Charles, or Charlie as he likes, is from Atlanta, Georgia and lives 15 minutes from my office. He will be your first point of contact. He will discuss your dental situation, handle transfers of x-rays, make your initial appointment, help you plan your trip and help make any travel arrangements you may require, including airport pick-up. He is my right hand man. Over the years Charlie has consulted with over 3000 clients. He knows his way around. His goal is to insure allĀ  goes right for you both in and out of the office.
So, thank you for reading this overview of what I can offer you. My office is thoroughly professional and your privacy, safety and well being is foremost.
Also, more importantly, I want you to know that I am available for a telephone consultation with you, at no cost, at any time.
Thank you again and I hope I have the pleasure to restore to you what time has taken away.
Your smile.