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Losing or lost your teeth..?

Dr. Mario says,

"Get your life back! You can have All on 4 Permanent Denture for less than $25,000!"

Virginia got her life back!

Have you have lost all your teeth or in the process of losing your teeth?
Maybe your current dental health is so bad and in spite of constant visits to the dentist nothing has changed except your bank account and your teeth still look terrible!

Virginia needed a permanent solution to her never ending dental nightmare. Dr. Mario has the PERFECT answer for ALL these conditions. The All on 4 Permanent Denture will give you a set of pemanent, beautiful white teeth that NEVER will need a dentist again!
NO more cavities..NO more root canals..NO more partials..just ask Virginia

Virginia before her All on 4…

…a very happy Virginia and her new All On 4!

Virginia after her All on 4…

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Dr. Mario has perfected a All on 4 procedure that can be completed in 10 business days! ! For more info call Dr.Mario @ US# 678.736.4136

What is the All on 4 Permanent Denture?
How does it work?

How It Began…

When it was discovered in the 1950’s by a Swedish scientist that titanium actually meshes and integrates with bone tissue a new world of reconstructive surgery was born such as hip and knee replacements using titanium screws and parts.
Within the last 30 years the use of titanium has become part of modern dentistry in the form of implants. Building upon this revolutionary dental procedure the All on 4 Permanent Denture was born.

Please watch the Nobel Biocare video, Dr.Mario’s implant provider, to understand how this surgery can change your life!

How it is Done…

As you see in the Nobel Biocare demo, the All on 4 Permanent Denture is an elegant dental solution that restores your quality of life and enhances your personal relationships.

The total cost for a All on 4 Permanent Denture starts at $18,000. Plus free airfare!

A 3D tomography is taken, at NO extra charge, which Dr. Mario uses to guide him in surgery. The surgery begins with a licensed anesthesiologist administering an IV sedation, at NO extra cost, throughout your surger. Dr. Mario then begins extracting any remaining teeth, at NO extra cost. These initial procedures are included in the quoted prices [link to prices] for the type of All on 4 you choose.

After extractions, if needed, Dr. Mario then installs 4 titanium implants in your upper bridge and 4 in your lower bridge.These will act as the anchors for the titanium bridges that are computer milled with beautifully fabricated custom made teeth in the color white you choose. You will awake shortly after surgery and move to a specially designed $2000 massaging recliner, that you comfort control, where staff will monitor your post op recovery in a peaceful ambiance.